4-4 Schedule

(During his last deployment, last month)

“Scheduleku diubah jadi 4-4 nih. Gak papa ya…”

Of course that won’t be a problem — I thought. So you left me for a month, but I will have you for another 4 weeks here. We can do a lot of things together. We can even arrange a proper dinner and a nice road trip if we want to. That will be huge for us.

But it does not turn out to be that easy.

To be honest, 4 weeks apart from you was hard. You were busy, a lot of technical problems happened inside the rig that you need to keep an eye to. We did talk for at least once a day– thanks God– but it was hard for you to find a time to call me. The WiFi signal wasn’t that good too. So we can’t talk after you arrive in the accommodation. There was no sleepy talk, sweet good night chats, or a romantic morning greeting. You texted me when you had your breakfast, you asked how my day was when you are in front of the computer and ready to work. Looking back to what we’ve been through I want to hug you for always try to make the time to talk. No kidding, the pressure must be crazy there. But you still looked out for me. That means a lot.

This morning you said the company already asked for your passport. It means you will come back to the rig, soon. This next Monday, probably.

“Is this 4 weeks already?”, I asked you while we had to take a U turn to avoid a crowd near my house. Tonight you drove me from the office because I didn’t bring a car.

“Yeah, I guess. Next Monday will be 4 weeks.”

I tried to recall what we did during this 4 weeks together. Did we really make use of it?

I picked you up. We had Bakso Telkom because you want a comfort food right after your arrival. I met your Mom, your sister, and your brother after that. Then you slept.

You became my weekend companion lately. We went to watch movie. Visiting your friend’s newly opened restaurant. You drove me to Solo — we had movie date and a nice road trip. We talked about house renovation, how I want to change all the furniture while you just said — “Yeah, I don’t mind. As long as I can still watch TV.” 

I gave you a late birthday gift, You seems surprised and happy. You kissed my cheek. I hugged you. We slept.

Another 4-4 schedule is waiting. Well I assume next month will be busy so I won’t have a lot of time to daydream about you. But anyway. I will still miss you. Your 4 weeks off seems to disappear in a flash, dear. Blame the comfort feeling and all the joy — they robbed us well 🙂


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