This is New

We only had 3 weeks to catch up, getting to know each other before the duty call came. You met my parents, I went to your parents house as a return, you gave me a tour to see your tiny man cave at the end of the day. We had pizza and a glass of tea then talked randomly until midnight.

It was a warm evening when I went to your house to send you off. You said your schedule has not beed fixed yet. You didn’t know when you will come back home. Uncertainty will always be a part of you. Distance will forever be ours if we choose to be together. One thing I remember was you only driving with one hand, while the other one was holding mine. I didn’t say no.

This is new for you. You’ve been sent to the closest rig. There is no helicopter in this site, you should use boat instead. You said you are lucky to got a better wiFi signal, so we can even Skype. You’ve never been able to Skype before. The connection was always bad.

This is new for me. Talking consistently with someone who is now in the middle of the sea. Waiting patiently until the next cruising pick you up, so you can be home — a week after Eid.

This is new for us. Then we will see.

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