Yesterday morning, this e-mail shocked me. As Sarah, friend from Belgium woke me up and my room mate, Vanessa when we were still sleeping. Yeah, it was a shocking news, indeed. Apparently, our scholarship is being extended until the end of September. And for whom who wants to stay, should give a confirmation email to the International Center within less than 2 days. Dang, dang what should I say then?



No one will argue that this chance was extremely tempting. Live a year in Japan, developed my Japanese language,  fully covered, new dorm, great friends. Who want to waste it away?


Me. Haha.


Within less than 30 minutes, I already answered the e-mail. Saying sorry, and NO.


Kind of hard decision to make, though. But I know that I have to stop playing around now.


You want to see Japan, Monik?

Yeah, you’ve already there.

You want to study in Japan?

You already did.

Your research?

You got things done.


Should I ask more?


Whether I like it or not, I have to face the fact that I still have a lot of things to do in Indonesia.

THI, KKN, bachelor paper, and graduation are waiting on the line. I know that my parents are already insist me to finish my undergraduate  degree as soon as possible. They are worried about my age (blame SDN Ungaran I for the age requirement), according to age requirement if I want to apply for job. Although I still dont want to apply for job yet, but yeah I want to finish my undergraduate degree soon, increase my academic writing skill, enrich my knowledge, then apply for master degree. Thats a better plan.



So, here I am.



Making priority means you have to sacrifice something in return. But somehow, I do believe that God already have a better plan for me.


New journey is waiting.



I will be home by the middle of March.


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